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Please be sure to carefully read and understand the software licensing agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") in the regulation of all rights and restrictions. Unless you accept the terms of this agreement, you have no right to download, install, or use of this software and related services.

1Statement of Intellectual Property

1.1 The "software" of all intellectual property rights, as well as the contents of all information related to software, Including but not limited to: words and their combination, ICONS, figure act the role of images, graphics, color, interface design, layout, framework and relevant data, additional procedures, printed materials or electronic documents, by the copyright law and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property protection laws and regulations.

1.2 Positioning data accuracy of the "software", cannot be equated with professional positioning accuracy, just for the sake of family location services to provide the reference


2Scope of the Software License


2.1 Download, install and use: the software for free software, users can not commercialize it, do unlimited number of download, installation and use of this software




3.1 Forbidden to reverse engineer, reverse compile and reverse assembly: the user should not be allowed to reverse engineer, reverse compile this software product or reverse assembly, at the same time cannot change any internal resources of the program file.

3.2 Prohibited components division: the software product is as a single product and has been granted permission to use, the user shall not separate parts to be used for any purpose.

3.3 Positioning device and this software is only for the family safety tracking sake. Any actions used as crime or other dangerous social activities shall be forbidden to use.




4.1 Individual authorization: if you need to commercial sales, copy, distribute, including but not limited to, software sales, pre-installation, bundling, etc., must be at myAlo myKidss written authorization and permission.

4.2 Rights reserved: all rights not expressly authorized in this agreement are still owned by myAlo myKids, users must consult myAlo myKids for written consent.


5Points to Note


5.1 This software belongs to FINTEC providing positioning services including positioning device, action travel path etc.

5.2 The Software uses the built-in Google map to check or track the watch,.

5.3 The watch will regularly report in daily use its location information to myAlo myKids 's server, this behavior will produce the corresponding traffic fee and at charge by operators.

5.4 This software includes account binding, positioning of device, history route checking. it contains the following functions

Two types positioning:  GPS position or LBS position,

View the trajectory of the day: You can view historical route by switching the date and view the whole day trajectory.

Real-time positioning: You can get your Childs newest position information by clicking the positioning button. Then APP will issue an instruction by network and the positioning information reported to myAlo myKidss server, the server will push to locate messages to APP.

Frequency Settings: You can use this software to set up tracking frequency. Choose a different frequency under different scenarios. The software provides a power-saving mode, manual mode and tracking mode and so on at several choices.

Set the family number: You can set family number for Kids watch through the software. Child press family key, immediately call the corresponding family number.

5.5 This software includes automatic notification reminders: myAlo myKids server will track the Child, record the general position of Child, and sends the appropriate reminder to you. Which include the following reminder types:

Electric remind: When the watch get the childs position is out the safe zone, myAlo myKids server will push a notification message to your APP.

SOSWhen an emergency occurs, the user through the device trigger SOS, myAlo myKids server would immediately push a SOS alert messages to you,so to ensure you to have more information in case of emergency.

Following remind: when a user invites you to follow her watch, myAlo myKids will push a message to you, you can choose to agree or reject.

5.6 The software applies only to its official website support operating system. If the user after the installation of this software wants to give it up for any reason, you can delete the software.

5.7 The software is provided by FINTEC Office Equipment Distribution Corporation.

5.8 Software changes and upgrades: FINTEC Office Equipment Distribution Corporation reserves the right to provide users with modification, upgrade version of the right of the software at any time at its discretion. Software updates will incur the corresponding data traffic fee, charged by operators.



Users should comply with the law and this agreement under the premise of the use of this software. User has no right to implement any acts including but not limited to the following:

6.1 Use this software to mislead, deceive others;

6.2 Violate state regulations, the functions of mobile device system, delete, modify, and add, interfere mobile information system;

6.3 Without permission to delete, modify, or add function of mobile devices;

6.4 Destroy the normal operation of the software system or site, intentionally spread mobile viruses such as destructive procedures;

6.9 Any other acts to endanger the safety of the equipment information network.


7Privacy information protection

7.1 To protect the user's personal information is a basic principle of myAlo myKids, myAlo myKids services will take reasonable measures to protect the user's personal information and ensure information security, in addition to encryption and transmission methods .

7.2 You may need to fill in some of the necessary information when you register your account or use the service. If the national laws and regulations or policies have special provisions, you need to fill in the true identity information. If the information is not complete, you may not use the service or be restricted in the process.

7.3 In general, you may browse and modify your own information at any time, but you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided at the time of registration for security and identification .

7.4 myAlo myKids will use a variety of safety technologies and procedures to establish a sound management system to protect your personal information, so as to avoid unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

7.5 myAlo myKids attaches great importance to the protection of personal information. If you are a minor under 18 years of age, you should obtain prior written consent from your parents or legal guardian before using the service.